Sunday, May 11, 2008

China Mobiles - Good or Bad

China Mobiles make his position very quickly around the world. they were came in the market about 2 years ago with duplicate copy of Nokia sets and with very low price and totally exect shape as Nokia Originals were. Now they also make the duplicate copies of world others well known Mobiles Companies like Sony Ericsson and Samsung etc.
Some people think that they are really good but some also thinks that they are not good. here are some of the advantages and Disadvantages of China Mobiles.

Advanteges Of China Mobiles:
China Mobiles have many advantages but some of them as written below.

China Mobiles are very cheap in prices. their prices are very low as compared to original cell phones. for example I saw N95 yesterday in my town. and its price is only $100 with out any use and with 1 year warranty. as compared to original who's price is almost $210 with also 1 year of warranty.

They have same shape and same other utilities as in original one.

Disadvanteges Of China mobiles:
Here are some of the main disadvantages of China mobiles.

China Mobiles are not very strong. they break very quickly, even if they struck on ground first time. as compared to original one.

Their are often coming with Screen Touch system and their Screen touch system is not very good.

Their sound and picture quality is not same as the original ones.


These are the some advantages and disadvantages of China mobiles. now the dissicion is yours whether you buy it or not. you can also consult and discuss with your friends about these cell Phones.

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