Thursday, April 24, 2008

Google Search on your CELL Phone!

Nowadays, Google is spending Millions of Dollars on discovering new techniques, that help them to stay in the market and also in the people hearts. so thats why they launched a new service recently which allows you to search in Google simply by sending an SMS to 466453 (which forms the word 'GOOGLE' on mobiles) and you get the search results in your mobile itself, by one simple SMS! You can search for any information on the go. You could search for business information, Sports Updates, stock market updates, or even local information such as about movies, malls, pizza huts etc.I think that is really cool and almost everyone loves it.

There are also a number of keywords available like, local, weather, define, score, movies, stock, zip, directions, map, flight, area, price, translate, help. All these keywords are self explanatory and can be used for searching for a particular detail by proceeding it before your query.

This is an extremely nice and innovative service that Google has come up with and allows one mobile users to be able to use their favorite search engine to search for things on the go and those who don't have internet connection on their mobiles or in their vicinity. This is not a free service though, and users will be charged appropriately by their mobile service providers.

Google understands that the mobile market is growing very fast all over the world and this is their attempt to capture mobile users by providing them with simple access to information through their search engine, without the need of having access to internet. so this is one of the few things that google do for their customers.

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